A message from our CEO Gill Perkins

The Bumblebee ‘spirit’ continues to flourish in this the most challenging of times. We have an amazing, professional and committed team continuing to work hard for all our volunteers, members, supporters and all those that appreciate and have a passion for bumblebees.

Our knowledge and experience, but most of all our common vision is keeping us focused on delivering what you want most from us – a certainty that our work to reverse the declines in bumblebees continues, albeit in a variety of different ways, some of which we could not have imagined a few weeks ago. But all of us must do this now by following the government guidelines, ensuring we do not take risks that may put ourselves or others in danger.

To take care of our staff, their health and well-being is our top priority, all staff are now working from home. A proportion of our staff have always worked remotely so we are well equipped to manage the change. Technology is a wonderful thing, and we are being creative about developing resources which can be delivered through this medium for all to enjoy. Please take time to explore our website and our social media posts (twitterfacebookinstragram) where you will find a multitude of resources and information.

Maybe the best enjoyment for all of us is seeing the bumblebees in our gardens or on our daily exercise. We have superb resources on our website here to help you learn about and how to identify bumblebees. Please use them.

We would welcome your photos and experiences over the next few months, your ideas that will inspire others to develop a passion for bumblebees and your commitment to stay with us on this journey, through all its ups and downs.

Please keep safe, follow the government advice, and keep loving the bumblebees.

Best wishes

Gill Perkins, CEO

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