The Bumblebee Education Experience (B.E.E.) is a free, curriculum-linked, secondary education package offered through Pollinating the Peak, a Bumblebee Conservation Trust project with the aim of conserving bumblebees in the Peak District and Derbyshire.

B.E.E. offers a unique opportunity, for schools in Derbyshire, to learn about bumblebees, their importance and conservation in an exciting format, with strong links to KS3 curriculum. Older year groups such as GCSE and A-level students can still benefit from the curriculum enrichment on offer.

The experience comes in two parts. Firstly, a show, delivered to whole year group/groups, using large scale props and images to tell the story of bumblebees providing students with a better understanding of their importance and the role they play in conservation. Secondly, a classroom based science workshop, during which students will have the opportunity to use science equipment to delve deeper into the world of bumblebees, while learning scientific skills that meet curriculum requirements.

Click on the images below to read how students will experience the full range of activities available.

The Show

The Workshop

B.E.E. offers curriculum enrichment opportunities in subjects such as Science, Geography, STEM and Citizenship, as well as contributing to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students. B.E.E. is a pop-up experience and we bring everything needed for a unique and engaging day in our B.E.E. van.

Read our B.E.E. brochure for more information:

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