Pollinator advisory sheets

Whether you have a garden, woodland or agricultural land, there's something everybody can do to help pollinators. Have a read of our information sheets for land managers below


This information sheet is relevant for all involved in agriculture and horticulture, including farmers, growers, landowners, estate managers, contractors and farm advisers.


An astonishing diversity of pollinators can be found in gardens, whether town, city or countryside. Download to find out how your garden can support pollinators. 


This is relevant for managers & contractors dealing with green spaces on industrial sites, and water & other utility or industrial companies who own post-industrial & brownfield sites.

Transport corridors

Road verges and railway embankments can be important habitats for pollinating insects. This information sheet is relevant for road and rail managers and contractors, as well as planners and developers.

Urban Environment

This information sheet is relevant for Local Authorities and organisations who manage green space in an urban setting. This sheet is aimed at those managing public or communal green space.


Woodland is an important habitat for many species of pollinator, including bumblebees. Relevant for farmers, landowners, estate managers, contractors, woodland and forestry managers.

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