The Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s reaction to the EU referendum results – ‘Business as usual’

On 23 June, the UK’s population voted to leave the European Union.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust believes that working together on common policies across the Member States is essential to ensure nature thrives and cross border co-operation continues, as we fulfil our vision of providing flower-rich habitats and raising awareness of the importance the bumblebee has on our economy here and the EU. Our conservation and data collection is funded by our members and supporters almost entirely from UK sources.

Over the coming weeks, months and potentially years, EU Directives and Regulations will cease to apply to the UK and new domestic arrangements must be put in place. It is important that we continue to uphold the international agreements in place and continue to work within the UK and with our EU and other international partners to safeguard our precious natural heritage.

For the Trust, the message remains the same; we will continue to be a voice for bumblebees, raising awareness of these vital pollinators and the benefits to our economy. Our vision remains the same; that our communities and countryside are rich in bumblebees and colourful flowers and we, along with the fantastic support of our members, volunteers and partners, continue to strive for healthy bumblebee populations throughout the UK.

Gill Perkins, CEO

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