Eliza’s week of Work Experience with the Trust

by Eliza S.
Work Experience Student for 1 week in July 2019

I spent my work experience week in the Bumblebee Conservation Trust office in Eastleigh. I had a brilliant time discovering more about bumblebees, the trust and the different jobs in conservation. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me and a week well-spent.

Eliza recording bumblebee species on a BeeWalk with Laura

On Monday, I was greeted off the train by the friendly face of Laura Shakespeare who collected me and brought me to Lakeside Country Park where I met the rest of the team and was given a briefing by Laura of the trust and of the week ahead. After lunch I went with Emily Sabin out to the park to take some photos of the bumblebees which transpired to be much more difficult than it looks, making me respect nature photographers even more than before.

I spent Tuesday morning admiring the impressive bee photography in the shared files on the computer while organising them a little. Then in the afternoon I went with a few members of the team on a BeeWalk around the park, on which I learnt many new types of wildflower and enjoyed a constant flow of fascinating information about the wildlife around me. I also enjoyed seeing the park’s wild honey bee nests.

Wednesday I had off so I was next in the office on Thursday when I made two posts for the Trust’s social media containing some of the fantastic photos I had looked through on Tuesday and some bumblebee facts. After lunch we went for another BeeWalk, giving me another chance to expand my knowledge of the various wildlife that surrounds us. I then processed the data on the BeeWalk website.

Common carder bee on tufted vetch. Photo credit: Eliza S.

On Friday I began writing up this account before making some posters to attract volunteers in Hampshire that will be used in an event being held at the park over the weekend which I would also be helping out with and was thoroughly looking forward to.

Saturday brought a fundraising event to the park which involved a stall for the trust at which the public could ask questions about the trust and find out more about bumblebees. This gave me the opportunity to see what happens at these events and to learn more by listening to the conversations between the staff and the public.

It has been an honour and privilege to spend this week in the company of such knowledgeable and lovely people who have not only provided me with an unlimited source of bumblebee related information but also with an incredibly warm welcome into their sunny and biscuit-filled office. So to finish I would like to thank the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for having me this week and giving me an insight into this area of work.

Common carder bee on kidney vetch. Photo credit: Eliza S.

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