Dawn Ewing
Head of Strategy & Development

Dawn leads in the development and monitoring of our strategy and manages our fundraising and public engagement teams. She has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys hillwalking, gardening (especially for bumblebees!) and watching her children discover the wonder of nature.

Dr Amy Plowman
Head of Conservation & Science

Amy joined the Trust in August 2020, following over 20 years managing conservation and science projects for a wildlife conservation trust based in Devon. Amy has managed projects in the UK and overseas for species as diverse as Devon endemic sorbus trees to forest elephants. Amy leads our Conservation and Science team ensuring our strategic aims and mission are achieved. Amy spends her spare time enjoying the beautiful Devon coast and countryside through walking, wild swimming, cycling, playing rugby (but probably not for much longer!) and mostly, possibly even obsessively, rowing Cornish pilot gigs.

Dr Richard Comont
Science Manager

Richard joined the Trust in November 2013 after six years at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, mainly spent monitoring and analysing ladybirds.  As our Science Manager, he leads the BeeWalk bumblebee transect monitoring scheme, including analysing the data collected and coordinates the Trust's partnerships with academic researchers.

He is a keen naturalist and can often be found moth-trapping or at bioblitzes.

Sinead Lynch
Senior Conservation Officer

Sinead’s role is to help work with landowners and farmers to provide more habitat for bumblebees across Wales, particularly in the areas where the rarest bees are found along the south coast. Sinead loves the outdoors, cooking and reading, and is a passionate Welsh rugby supporter! She loves to spend time recording plants and invertebrates, and is currently studying for a MSc in Biological Recording.

Darryl Cox
Senior Science & Policy Officer

Darryl has a background in bumblebee research and uses his knowledge to provide answers to the diverse range of enquiries we get at the Trust every day. Darryl is also the author of the Bombus Review, our quarterly newsletter that summarises the latest scientific research on the topics of bumblebees and pollination. He has a passion for nature conservation and science communications.

Stephanie Miles
GIS Officer

Stephanie joined the Trust in 2018. As Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Officer, Stephanie is using her 10 years of GIS experience to take forward the Trust’s mapping and spatial analysis. Stephanie enjoys hiking, squash and surveying for birds, bats and bees.

Helen Dickinson
Surveys & GIS Officer

Helen has a background in invertebrate and mammal ecology, Helen is passionate about invertebrate conservation and helping volunteers develop the skills to contribute to the national recording scheme for bumblebees, BeeWalk. Helen is a keen wildlife gardener and vegetable grower and enjoys spending time outdoors improving her plant and invertebrate ID skills. Helen volunteers for Buglife and the National Plant Monitoring Scheme.

Dr. Mia Derhé
Data Monitoring Officer

Mia joined the Trust in March 2019, after over a decade of international ecological experience, mainly monitoring species and community responses to land use change. Her research interests lie in the conservation of biodiversity and functioning of ecosystems. Mia works as our Data Monitoring Officer, analysing the Trust's BeeWalk, habitat and project data and investigating population changes in bumblebees. Mia loves travelling and spending time outdoors hiking, exploring and birdwatching.

Dr Nikki Gammans
Project Manager
Short-haired bumblebee project

Nikki has worked on the reintroduction of this extinct bumblebee since 2009 and joined the Trust full time on the project in 2015. Her role includes working with landowners and farmers across south Kent and East Sussex, supported by volunteers for the project delivering bumblebee monitoring. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, walking, reading and is an avid Crystal Palace fan

Katy Malone
Conservation Officer

Katy's work is based mostly in the highlands and islands of Scotland, where she is working with land managers to protect and create more habitat for some of our rarest bees, inclduing the Great yellow bumblebee.

When she's not working she loves making things, and she knits, crochets, bakes, makes herbal soap, and does interesting things with found and foraged bits and pieces . She also likes to garden and look after her chickens.

Dr Cathy Horsley
Conservation Officer
West Country Buzz

Cathy joined the Trust in September 2016, working in the South West on the West Country Buzz project. She has a background in pollinators and ecology, and is passionate about insect conservation. Cathy enjoys being outside looking for bumblebees, and wildlife gardening.

Alex Worsley
Conservation Officer
West Country Buzz

Alex joined the Trust in early 2020 as maternity cover for the West Country Buzz Project. Prior to this he spent 6 years as a botanical surveyor with Devon Biodiversity Records Centre, carrying out surveys of County Wildlife Sites throughout Devon. Alex is studying towards an MSc in Biological Recording as is a keen amateur and professional naturalist with an interest in plants, bryophytes and of course insects! In his spare time he is usually either still out looking at plants and insects, or playing guitar. He also enjoys climbing and generally trying to stay fit.

Anna Hobbs
Conservation Officer

Anna joined the Trust in May 2018. She works on two exciting bumblebee projects: ‘Pasture for Pollinators’ involves her working with Calon Wen organic dairy farmers to investigate ways in which farmers can support bumblebee populations, and the ‘Living Levels Partnership Scheme’ focuses on Shrill carder bee conservation on the Gwent Levels. Anna has worked in conservation for a number of years and is delighted to have joined the Trust. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, crafting, spending time exploring the Welsh countryside and coastline with her partner and children, and their characterful cockapoo.

Daisy Headley
Conservation Officer
Back from the Brink and West Country Buzz

Daisy joined the Trust in 2017 as Conservation Officer for the Back from the Brink project, focusing on the recovery of the Shrill carder bee in Somerset and Wiltshire. Her role also involves working in the wider SW to help create suitable habitat for bumblebees and she has since become part of the West Country Buzz project. Daisy is from a farming family and can often be found helping out on the farm in her spare time, or out on a walk with her two springer spaniels.

Ros Shaw
Project Officer
Fowey Valley Bumblebee Project

Ros is an ecologist who has worked on plants and insects in a variety of places from the Scottish highlands, farmland in southern England (in glamorous locations such as oilseed rape fields and agricultural ditches) to public parks in Cornwall. Ros has worked on all sorts of pollinators, from bumblebees to solitary bees to flies, and also spiders and beetles in their role as natural enemies of pests. Ros lives on a small holding so her spare time is often spent planting things for wildlife and then trying to prevent the chickens from eating them, with occasional time off for enjoying the Cornish coast from a gig boat or the coast path.

Pollinating the Peak - Derbyshire

Sally Cuckney
Project Manager

Sally joined the trust in June 2016 as Project Development Manager for ‘Pollinating the Peak’ project (and hasn’t stopped smiling since). With 15 years experience in the public sector working for local authorities on large scale environmental projects, she has strong project management skills and is an excellent problem solver. She enjoys working closely with local communities and believes individuals can make a difference. Sally is an avid traveler and loves spending time with family and friends and is continually amazed when learning new facts about the importance of bumblebees.

Rhodri Green
Community Engagement Officer

Rhodri combines a background in youth and community work with experience and qualifications in environmental education and countryside management, having worked with children and families in Derbyshire and the Peak District for the National Park Authority, National Trust and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. Rhodri is seldom happier than when out in the field with a pair of binoculars and a notebook.

As well as bumblebees, he also likes trees. A lot.

Andy Benson
Education Officer

After completing a MSc in Environmental management, Andy went on to become a secondary school geography teacher. He is delighted to have joined the Trust to focus his education efforts around his passion for wildlife and conservation. Outside of work, Andy is happiest when spending time with his family and telling people about ‘boring’ documentaries he has watched.

Annie Ives
Project Assistant

Annie started with the Trust as a volunteer in 2016 and a year later she joined the Pollinating the Peak team. Her role is exciting and varied with no two days the same! Learning, talking and teaching people about bumblebees is one of her favourite things to do. She balances work with studying for an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation and spends any spare time climbing and hill-walking in the UK and abroad.

Making a Buzz for the Coast - Kent

Emma Lansdell
Project Manager

Emma joined the Trust in December 2018. Emma worked as an ecologist in several different roles and most notably setting up and leading the Kent Downs AONB for a decade. Emma decided to re-train and taught biology, chemistry and physics in secondary schools, before working at the University of Kent on environmental and ecological partnerships and projects. Emma is delighted to be back in the field joining the Making a Buzz for the Coast team, helping to deliver this vital project for Kent and beyond. When not out enjoying wildlife and countryside with family, friends and dogs, Emma is on her bike (on and off road), playing tennis for her village club, as well as gardening, cooking, and drinking Kent’s finest fare.

Bex Cartwright
Project Officer

Bex has a background in invertebrate ecology and conservation. She has been studying the ecology and identification of our wild bees and wasps for the past seven years and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge by running events and identification workshops. As Conservation Officer for Kent North East Coast, Bex will be working with farmers and landowners to create high-quality pollinator habitats.

Lauren Kennedy
Outreach and Volunteer Officer

Lauren has a background in wildlife surveying and research, with a keen interest in botany and pollinators. Previous work roles have focused on public engagement and she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for nature. Lauren works with our volunteers and local communities to raise awareness for some of Kent’s rarest bumblebees and their role in our environment. Outside of work she can be found exploring wild spaces, hiking and camping. Spending as much of her free time outdoors as possible.

Kate Fidczuk-Sterry
Conservation Officer

Kate’s role includes working with farmers and landowners across the North Kent section of the project to create and restore habitat for our bumblebee species. With a background in conservation and ecology Kate is looking forward to inspiring our communities and broadening her identification skills along the way! In her spare time Kate enjoys art and fashion, playing the guitar (not very well) and exploring the countryside.

Wanda Louw
Admin & Finance Officer

Wanda joined the Trust in November 2017. She has a background in zoology and finance, is passionate about conserving the environment and is looking forward to learning more about bumblebees. In her spare time, Wanda enjoys spending time with her husband and children, travelling and learning new cultures, going for walks with her dog and doing things in and around the house. She also loves pottering around in her garden and seeing bumblebees happily foraging.

Carolyn Postlethwaite
Outreach Trainee

Carolyn is finishing her Bachelor's at the Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology, University of Kent. Carolyn has worked with birds, bats, eels, water voles and wildflowers on her placement year with WWT Slimbridge; hedgehogs through leading the University's Hedgehog-friendly campus project, and lots of people through her sustainability work with the Kent Students' Union and University Sustainability department! Carolyn is now super excited to learn more about the wonderful world of bumblebees and spread love and enthusiasm.

Emma Ball
Conservation Trainee

Emma recently graduated in Biology from the University of Bristol. Since graduating, Emma took a year out to travel and work in New Zealand where she also volunteered with the NZ Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Emma enjoys spending as much of her free time outdoors and can often be found walking or cycling in the Kentish countryside. Emma is looking forward to working with the Trust and contributing to the fantastic Making a Buzz for the Coast Project.

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