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Community wing

Bumblebee-friendly Schools is made up of four different criteria called wings. In the Community wing, students share what they have learnt about bumblebees and the actions they have taken.

A young boy wearing a bumblebee headband and sitting next to his teacher, who is holding a tray of bumblebee-friendly plants.

How your school’s actions will help bumblebees

The actions you take to make your school bumblebee-friendly can also make your local area more bumblebee-friendly. Instead of just making your school a place where bumblebees are looked after and valued, the whole community can get involved, helping to support even more bumblebees.

Schools must complete the following actions to achieve the Community wing.

The Bumblebee-friendly Schools Award features a bronze icon of a bumblebee flying towards a flower.

Action: Share information about bumblebees on the school website or social media.

Guidance: The possibilities are endless! You could share information about your participation in Bumblebee-friendly Schools and why students think it is important to look after bumblebees. Or why not wow others with the new bumblebee facts you have learned during the process? You could even provide links to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust resources and raise awareness to help the school community get involved.

Evidence: A screenshot or photo of a social media post or webpage

The Bumblebee-friendly Schools Award features a silver icon of a bumblebee flying towards a flower.

Action: Students share a presentation with their peers about bumblebees.

Guidance: Students create and share a presentation on bumblebees. The presentation can cover any topic within the bumblebee theme. It could be a general overview of bumblebees and why they are amazing, a more focused look at the relationship between bumblebees and flowers, or an exploration of the different bumblebee species. Presentations can be in any format, providing they are created by students (individually or in groups) and delivered to peers. You can find amazing bumblebee facts for your presentations on our website.

Evidence: Share two different presentation resources. For example, PowerPoint slides or photographs of paper resources. If your students are feeling adventurous, we would love to see some recordings of their presentations!

The Bumblebee-friendly Schools Award features a gold icon of a bumblebee flying towards a flower.

Action: Involve the wider school community in a bumblebee-related activity.

Guidance: This action is all about inspiring your local community to follow your lead and get involved in bumblebee conservation. Get creative with how you promote your bumblebee work: share bumblebee facts at a school fete or parents’ evening, get families involved in bumblebee-themed homework, or ask local businesses to support your bumblebee actions.

Evidence: A description of how you completed this action, explaining what impact you hope it will have in your local community.

Resource Library

A close-up of a Common carder bumblebee feeding on a purple flower.

Bumblebee-friendly community resources

A range of useful tools and ideas for getting the community involved in looking after bumblebees.