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Curriculum wing

Bumblebee-friendly Schools is made up of four different criteria called wings. In the Curriculum wing, the importance of bumblebees is taught within the context of the national curriculum.

An enlarged model of a bumblebee on a table with educational leaflets.

How your school’s actions will help bumblebees

Bumblebees are beautiful, fascinating insects that play an important role in the natural world and our everyday lives. They influence the food we eat, the air we breathe and our economy. When students learn the value of bumblebees and other pollinators through discussions in the classroom, they will gain the knowledge required to make decisions that can have positive impacts for them.

Schools must complete the following actions to achieve the Curriculum wing.

The Bumblebee-friendly Schools Award features a bronze icon of a bumblebee flying towards a flower.

Action: Deliver the Bumblebee Conservation Trust presentation in assembly to the whole school.

Guidance: Download the Bumblebee Conservation Trust Bumblebee-friendly Schools presentation and share with every year group during assembly.

Evidence: Provide information about how many students took part in the assemblies and when they took place.

The Bumblebee-friendly Schools Award features a silver icon of a bumblebee flying towards a flower.

Action: Use the Bumblebee Conservation Trust resources in lessons.

Guidance: Visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website and choose the Bumblebee-friendly Schools resources which best fit your lesson plans. Use our free resources with a minimum of two different classes. The resources can be used with any age group.

Evidence: Copies of a completed resource from two different classes.

The Bumblebee-friendly Schools Award features a gold icon of a bumblebee flying towards a flower.

Action: Provide an enrichment day themed around bumblebees.

Guidance: Make bumblebees the theme of an enrichment or eco day. Your imagination is your limit! Check out our website for inspiration and lots of free resources and ideas for activities.

Evidence: Copies of at least two completed bumblebee-themed activities. This could include photographs for non-paper-based activities.

Resource Library

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A close-up of a Buff-tailed bumblebee queen looking to the camera.

Bumblebee-friendly Schools presentation

A presentation with everything you need to introduce your school to bumblebees.

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A group of school children standing with their teacher in a garden and holding bumblebee-friendly plants and spades.

Curriculum resources for schools

Downloadable bumblebee resources that fit with the naitonal curriculum.

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A Buff-tailed bumblebee feeding on the purple flowers of catmint.

Bee the Change

A range of entry-level bumblebee actions and activities.