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Our free educational activities are designed for children and young persons from age 4 to 11+ to develop their knowledge and understanding of bumblebees, the challenges and threats they face, and how children can become a guardian of bumblebees to secure their future.

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Curriculum resources

Learn how to identify a bumblebee

The first step is to look at the bumblebee's tail - is it white, red or ginger?

Click here to follow our online step-by-step guide to identifying bumblebees. If you're struggling to identify a bumblebee, visit this page for further ID tips!

Activities, crafts and games

From willow craft and growing your own bee-friendly vegetables, to baking cupcakes and playing bumblebee bingo, we have lots to inspire young bumblebee enthusiasts!

Click here to get stuck in...

Take action!

Become a youth member and join the bumble club

We want our youth members to explore and discover the wonders of bumblebees with some buzzing fun. We believe in the importance of learning about nature from a young age and this pack will help many children do just that.

For just £15 per year, all youth members receive:

  • Seed packet
  • Fridge magnet
  • Badge
  • Magnifier
  • Pocket bumblebee ID guide
  • Newsletter including a science page three times a year
  • Record of achievement chart to record your bumblebee findings

So, if you or someone you know would like to join the bumble club, click here to join today.

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