New Pollinator Strategy for Scotland Published

The Scottish Government has published a 10 year strategy plan to reverse the decline of pollinating insects. The plan which was created by Scottish Natural Heritage, with the help of key environmental organisations, including Bumblebee Conservation Trust, sets out five essential objectives to address the causes of decline in pollinating insects and ensure that they are able to thrive in the future.

1. To make Scotland more pollinator-friendly, halting and reversing the decline in native pollinator populations.
2. To improve our understanding of pollinators and their pollination service.
3. To manage the commercial use of pollinators to benefit native pollinators.
4. To raise awareness and encourage action across sectors.
5. To monitor and evaluate whether pollinators are thriving

BBCT Chief Executive, Gill Perkins, said:

“Bumblebee Conservation Trust has long recognised the crucially important challenge to reverse the decline of pollinators, particularly wild bee species like the Great yellow bumblebee and the Moss carder bee which have undergone dramatic declines over the last century. BBCT whole heartedly welcomes the Pollinator Strategy for Scotland as an excellent road map and inspiration to everyone to take positive action. The five objectives in the plan provide plenty of opportunity for government, councils, businesses, schools, community groups and individuals to get involved, engaged and enthused by these beautiful creatures and to help ‘save the sound of summer’.”

The full strategy, implementation plan, technical annex and extensive resource list can be found on the Biodiversity Scotland website.

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