Bees Needs': North West case studies

Beekeeping in Schools
Beekeeping thoughout the UK desperately needs to attract and retain younger beekeepers. Taking the bees to a school or keeping them there takes an enormous amount of work, time and effort but close contact with honeybees offers so much to the children in ways that are immeasurable and can stay with them for life. Kendal Beekeepers have been supporting local School Governor Jacqui Cottam to do exactly that at Heron Hill Primary school in Cumbria.

Barnoldswick in Bloom, Lancashire

Entry to North West in Bloom competition...

Get Cumbria Buzzing

Delivered by Cumbria Wildlife Trust ‘Get Cumbria Buzzing!’ is a three-year partnership project (2019-2022) which aims to increase the abundance and diversity of pollinators across northwest Cumbria, connecting and creating habitats along ecological networks. 

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