Calon Wen’s ‘Pastures for Pollinators’

Pasture for Pollinators is led by six dairy farmers who are members of the Calon Wen Milk Co-operative, with an aim to increase bumblebee populations and forage production by planting multi-species leys on their farms during a three-year project with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Bumblebees love to forage on the legumes grown in leys. Encouraging farms to leave strips uncut at the edge of clover and herbal ley fields will provide vital food source for pollinators. This is because often the ley fields will flower for one to two weeks before being cut, leaving bumblebees with peaks and troughs of forage available. By leaving strips uncut along the field edges, flowers can continue to provide forage for bumblebees throughout the summer, after the rest of the silage has been cut.

The Trust will provide farmers with advice and undertake a range of surveys and monitoring techniques to learn how pollinators are using the land. Another aspect of the project is looking at flower-rich pasture, and how it might be possible to adjust grazing on farms to protect the best habitats for bumblebees, allowing them to flower through the summer.

The farmers, together with representatives from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and RSPB, are hoping to see that simple changes to grassland management without sacrificing farm productivity and profitability can go hand in hand with pollinator conservation.

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You can read more about the Calon Wen co-operative here.


The project is led by Calon Wen Organic Milk Cooperative, in partnership with Bumblebee Conservation Trust, RSPB Cymru and ADAS.



The project is funded by the European Innovation Partnership (Wales).

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