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Bees for Everyone

In 2011 BBCT launched our three-year Bees for Everyone (BfE) project. At the heart of BfE were three fundamental principles – learning, engagement and action – and these are reflected in the project’s achievements:

  • We worked with farmers and land managers to create and restore 3,078 hectares of high quality bumblebee habitat. Our project target was just 1,200 hectares.
  • We engaged with over 40,000 people face to face at over 400 staff-led events, helping to spread the bumblebee message far and wide. This is more than double our target.
  • We recruited over 500 volunteers who supported us at over 500 events and we delivered 14 volunteer training days to support these individuals across the UK.
  • During the project nearly 600,000 people visited our new website. This equates to over 4 million page views!
  • By the end of the project, over 28,000 people had subscribed to stay up to date with bumblebee news via our free monthly e-newsletter.
  • Over 25,000 people had liked our Facebook page and over 21,000 followed us on Twitter, helping us to reach a wider audience with our message.
  • Over 44,500 people had used our Bee kind tool to rate and enhance the bee-friendliness of their gardens.

For a more in depth review of the Bees for Everyone project, read our Evaluation Report.

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