Saving Scotland’s bumblebees


Saving Scotland’s bumblebees aims to build on the work that BBCT has done across Scotland since 2006 to increase awareness about bumblebees, especially amongst those who do not visit the outdoors, and to encourage people to get outdoors and look at bees in their natural environment. The project will mobilise and train individuals, groups and communities to take action to conserve bumblebees and wildflower habitats and increase recording to track population trends and measure the success of conservation measures.

Current and planned work

  • Deliver gardening workshops to groups with additional support needs.
  • Deliver bumblebee identification training.
  • Support new BeeWalk volunteers through refresher training and one-to-one support where needed.
  • Further develop BBCT’s GIS system and capabilities.
  • Deliver farm demonstration events to demonstrate good practice and how to integrate effective bee-friendly measures into farm businesses.
  • Offer farm surveys and face to face support to encourage beneficial management.


We would like to thank Scottish Natural Heritage, Mitchell Trust and Russell Trust for supporting this project financially.

Get involved

Please check our Volunteering Opportunities page for details of how to get involved with this project.

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Registered Charity No. 1115634 / Scottish Charity No. SC042830