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West Country Buzz works with a variety of stakeholders to support farmers and landowners in Devon to adopt pollinator-friendly farming practices, helping to increase wild pollinators on their farms and across the landscape. The project takes into account arable, pastoral and mixed farming practices.

Since the project began in March 2016, West Country Buzz has advised on over 1,600 hectares of land and delivered various farm days and workshops.

Current and planned work

  • Providing free one-to-one tailored advice for farmers on habitat management for pollinators.
  • Working with farmers in Devon and the wider south west to encourage uptake of the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme: Wild Pollinator and Farm Wildlife Package, which provides guidance and funding to help manage farmland better for bees and other wildlife. Support and advice is available from our Conservation Officer on where to locate options for biggest impact and success; ongoing management advice; and assistance with the application process.
  • Increasing bumblebee recording in Devon to help us monitor populations, detect warning signs, and target conservation efforts.

Further information about the project can be accessed by downloading our factsheet.


The project is part-funded by Natural England as part of DEFRA’s National Pollinator Strategy. We would also like to thank the Co-op, Norman Family Trust and Naturesave Trust for their generous funding towards the project.

Get involved

Please check our Volunteering Opportunities page for details of how to get involved with this project.

For more information or to arrange a farm visit please contact cathy.horsley@bumblebeeconservation.org

Alternatively you can follow the project on Twitter @BuzzingDevon

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