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The UK's bumblebees are in crisis

Bumblebees are familiar and much-loved insects that pollinate our crops and wildflowers, so people are rightly worried. With disappearing nature corridors, urgent action is needed to provide habitat and protect their populations.

They are hungry and homeless

Changes to our landscape mean good nesting and flowers are now in short supply.

We need them

Bumblebees are responsible for the pollination of wildflowers, fruits and vegetables.

They need our help

By providing better connected habitat across our cities and countryside.

Take action

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A Buff-tailed bumblebee flying towards purple flowers to feed on.

Bee the Change

It's time to speak up for bumblebees and Bee the Change.

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A man standing in a meadow and using a net to catch a bumblebee for identification purposes.


Our national recording scheme to monitor the abundance of bumblebees across the UK.

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A smiling woman inspecting a borage plant.

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