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Photo: AVLAN – Alton & Villages Local Action for Nature

Join us as a volunteer

Volunteering in any capacity is a great way to share your enthusiasm, skills and ideas whilst having fun and meeting like-minded people. It doesn’t matter how much you already know about bumblebees, because there are many ways in which you can help!


The Trust is supported by hundreds of volunteers, all of whom are essential to our work. With the help of volunteers, together we can create a world where bumblebees are thriving and valued by everyone.

Group of people planting a community greenspace of wildflowers
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© Tom LuckA woman on a BeeWalk with her dog in a local park.

Become a BeeWalker

Find out how you can help collect vital data on bumblebees

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Person running a marathon

Fundraising for the bumblebees

Take the plunge with your own fundraising challenge

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If you would like to volunteer for the Trust, or to find out more before making this decision, please email