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Photo: Buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) by Tom Luck

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Join our fight to save the bumblebees.

A Buff-tailed bumblebee feeding on the purple flowers of lavender.

Join our fight to save the bumblebees

Since the 1940s, the UK has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows, and two species of bumblebee have become extinct. Today, eight bumblebee species risk the same fate.

Become a member today and together we can ensure our rarest bumblebees recover and more common species thrive, so that no more bumblebees become endangered in our lifetimes.

Choose your membership type

Choose your membership type below or renew your membership.

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© Tom LuckClose-up of a Brown-banded carder bumblebee in the centre of a sunflower.
From £30 a year


Individual membership for one person.

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© Huw PennellA Garden bumblebee (left) and Common carder bumblebee (right) feeding on a tower of pink flowers.
From £36 a year


Joint membership for two people from the same household.

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© Tom LuckA Buff-tailed bumblebee feeding on the purple flowers of catmint.
From £42 a year


Family membership for two adults and up to four children.

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© Pieter HaringsmaA close-up of a Great Yellow bumblebee with large, round pollen baskets on its hind legs. The bumblebee is feeding on a bright purple flower.
From £18 a year


Membership for young people aged 4-12 years old.

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© Pieter HaringsmaA Common carder bumblebee feeding on a small white flower.
From £72 a year


Do even more for bumblebees by choosing our Benefactor membership.

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© Paul WillisA close-up of a Common carder bumblebee flying towards the purple flowers of borage.
From £30 a year


Membership for people living overseas.

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© Pieter HaringsmaA Moss carder bumblebee with loaded pollen baskets feeding on a pink flower.
£1,000 single payment


Become a life member of Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

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© Tony AylingA Ruderal bumblebee dark form feeding on a pale purple flower.
From £18 a year

Gift membership

Give the gift of membership.

The welcome pack contents, including Buzzword newsletter, bumblebee pin badge, ID guides, car sticker, postcard, wildflower seed mix, and information leaflets.

Your membership pack

As a thank you for your membership, you’ll receive a welcome pack in the post containing:

  • ‘Buzzword’ membership magazine
  • Enamel bumblebee pin badge
  • Wildflower seeds*
  • Pocket ID guide
  • Postcard
  • Factsheets
  • Car window sticker

As a member, you’ll also receive Buzzword magazine three times a year, and have access to our exclusive scientific e-news, Bombus Review.

*Excludes overseas membership

Photo showing contents of the Youth and Family membership welcome pack from Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Youth and Family membership

Ignite young hearts and minds with our youth membership – Bumble Club! We want to inspire children to take action for bumblebees whilst learning about these incredible pollinators! Recommended for ages 4-12, your welcome pack includes:

  • ‘Bumble Club’ newsletter
  • Fridge magnet
  • Button badge
  • Pocket magnifier
  • Pocket ID guide
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Record of achievement chart
  • Poster

As a member, you’ll receive Bumble Club newsletter three times a year. Why not join as a Family membership and you’ll receive both our standard welcome pack AND our youth welcome pack, as well as getting our Buzzword magazine three times a year.

How your membership helps

By becoming a member, you’ll not only be joining our community of dedicated supporters, you’ll also be contributing to our vital conservation work across the UK to save bumblebees. Work like:

  • Creating and restoring flower-rich grasslands so bumblebees have a place to feed, nest and hibernate
  • Advising landowners, farmers and communities on how to enhance their land for bumblebees
  • Raising awareness of the plight of the bumblebees through our work with communities, schools and members of the public
  • Researching bumblebee decline and prevention through our bumblebee-monitoring scheme, BeeWalk

Other ways you can join

  • Join by post

    If you would prefer to join by post, download and complete our Membership Form and post it to:

    Membership, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Units 6-7 Beta Centre, Stirling University Innovation Park, Stirling, FK9 4NF.

  • Join by phone

    Call our team on 01786 594 130 for payments by Direct Debit or credit card. Our office is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

    If you are having any issues joining online, please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Pay by BACS

    If you would prefer to pay for your membership via a BACS transfer, please contact us on 01786 594 130 or email for our bank details.