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Photo: Ruderal bumblebee (Bombus ruderatus) by Tony Ayling

Bumblebees for beginners

Whether you’re interested in starting your own bee-friendly backyard in your garden, or simply want to appreciate these pollination heroes, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our beginner’s guide below for interesting facts and interactive resources, to help show you why these pollinators are the bees’ knees!

A Ruderal bumblebee dark form feeding on a pale purple flower.
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© Thalia BrownA close-up of a Buff-tailed bumblebee queen looking to the camera.

About bumblebees

Learn about the ‘BIG 8’ bumblebees you’re most likely to see, and the differences between bumblebees and honeybees.

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© Clare FlynnBumblebees attending to the eggs in a nest.

Bumblebee nests

Did you know, different species of bumblebee live in different nests, from bird boxes to underground burrows?

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© Ema Lou RoweA hibernating Buff-tailed bumblebee queen in an a small hole in the ground.


Bumblebees are social insects, ruled by a queen. Take a look at our illustrative guide to a bumblebees lifecycle.

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© Les MooreA close-up of a Buff-tailed bumblebee dusted in pollen and standing on the purple petals of a flower.

Gardening guide

Make your green space a haven for pollinators and bumblebees with our free resources and downloads.

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© Tom LuckTwo members of staff looking closely at a sunflower with a Brown-banded carder bumblebee feeding on the centre.

Bumblebee species guide

Spotted a bumblebee and not quite sure what it is? Check out our species guide for help and advice.

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© Bex CartwrightA Garden bumblebee feeding on a purple flower.

Bumblebee FAQs

Still got questions? Head to our frequently asked questions page and we’ll see if we can help!


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© Pieter HaringsmaA close-up of a Shrill carder bumblebee feeding on a purple flower.
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A member of staff talking to a group of volunteers in a gardens.
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Teemill bumblebee ID mug.
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