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Bee the change for businesses

Variety of wildflowers within a community space

We can all do our bit to Bee the Change for the UK’s struggling bumblebees, including businesses!

By helping to build a brighter future for bumblebees, you can also support your organisation’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals, boost health and wellbeing among your co-workers, and build positive relationships in your local area.

Download our businesses guide to discover lots of simple ways you can help bumblebees through your workplace, from bumblebee-friendly planting to getting your co-workers buzzing about these vital pollinators.


  • Why do bumblebees need your help?
  • Bumblebees and honeybees: what’s the difference?
  • Should your business get a honeybee hive?
  • Make your outdoor space more bumblebee-friendly.
  • Good plants for bumblebees.
  • Bad plants for bumblebees.