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Trust led projects

Many of our conservation projects continue to focus on work with the UK’s rare bumblebees. Our projects are varied throughout the UK and range from training BeeWalkers to creating habitat within urban communities. Our past successes have created lasting partnerships including our work with the Rethink Nature partnership, a group of leading science conservation organisations.

We have a number of conservation projects in place helping to safeguard the UK’s bumblebee populations. Beginning with our national bumblebee-monitoring scheme BeeWalk, a citizen science scheme established over 10 years ago to collect data on the abundance and distribution of the UK’s bumblebees, using this data as widely as possible. This has led to our Skills for Bees projects in Scotland and Wales.

Additionally, a 10 year national conservation strategy to save one of Englands rarest bumblebees, the Shrill carder bumblebee, is in place working with partners to increase habitat, connectivity, evidence data and have an increased understanding of the needs of this bumblebee. In the Midlands, an engaging project has emerged to foster community involvement and provide people with the confidence to support bumblebees and nature in their community.

Furthermore we have a number of projects aimed at species recovery, including the Great Yellow bumblebee: On the Verge and Bee Connected, a three-year restoration landscape scale project based on the South Kent and East Sussex coast.

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A Shrill-carder bumblebee feeding on a pale purple flower.

A conservation strategy for the Shrill carder bee

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A woman standing in a field of wildflowers looking for bumblebees.

Bee Connected

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A member of staff talking to a group of volunteers in a gardens.

Bee Inspired – Walsall

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A Ruderal bumblebee male feeding on a bright pink flower.

Buzzing in the East End (B.E.E)

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A close-up of a bumblebee feeding on a wildflower with a cow standing behind it.

Calon Gwenyn – ‘Bee Heart’

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Bumblebee on yellow flower with coast in the background

Connecting the Carmarthenshire Coast

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A Great Yellow bumblebee feeding on a purple flower.

Great Yellows: On the Verge

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A project officer kneeling in the long grass and reading a bumblebee ID book.

Skills for Bees: Cymru

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A Bilberry bumblebee feeding on a flower.

Skills for Bees: Scotland

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Side profile of rare bumblebee on yellow flower

S.O.S (Save Our Shrills): Somerset