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Associating your Company with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust provides the perfect platform to promote your commitment to the environment and conservation.

Our approach to partnerships is one of dialogue and creativity, we prefer to work with companies to make sure your individual environmental, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility goals are met. We will make sure that our values and approach to the environment are compatible.

Cause related marketing

Cause-related marketing is a mutually beneficial collaboration, designed to promote a business’s sales and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s cause.  As a means of underlining brand values, cause-related marketing is a powerful marketing tool and it can help build trust and drive engagement with your core, and wider, audience.

Here are five good reasons to contact if you would like to know more about the opportunities available, working with the Trust.

  1. Creates a lasting impact on sales - Supporting a cause has a powerful impact on shopper’s psychology. Cause-related marketing becomes another selling point for your products or services and increases brand loyalty. It’s been shown that consumers are actually willing to pay more for cause-related products and services!
  1. Fosters a good relationship with your brand increasing customer loyalty and trust - Cause-related marketing nurtures a feeling of goodwill between you and consumers. The warm and fuzzy feeling people get from supporting a worthwhile cause becomes associated with you. This cultivates continued loyalty and trust with your brand.
  1. Targets a specific audience - Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of global citizens believe their purchases can a moderate-to-significant positive impact on social or environmental issues and cause-related marketing distinguishes you from competitors.  We have a social media following of over 150,000 followers, interested in nature, wild pollinators, wildflowers, conservation and gardening as well as bumblebees!
  1. Distinguishes you from competitors - We live in a very competitive marketplace and cause-related marketing may provide just the edge you need. When a consumer is choosing between two similar products or services more people are likely to choose a product over another if it supports a worthy cause.
  1. Satisfies growing expectations - People care. It’s important to increase your appeal to the wide landscape of individuals and their increasingly environmentally-focused ideals.


"I am so pleased my passion for bees and wildflowers enables me to combine both as a business! It’s great to be able to support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and contribute to their fantastic work to help the UK’s bumblebees.  We have many customers who are passionate about bees and through my business it gives me a nice warm glow to know that I am helping others to help the Trust by promoting their work for the bees."

Teresa Sinclair of Wildflower Favours, a Commercial Participator who donates a percentage of sales to the Trust.

Business membership

Becoming a business member of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust comes with a number of benefits to both your company and to your employees. See our options below:

BusinessPlus £750

  • Members pack including:
  • Use of our member logo
  • Personalised annual certificate
  • E-Buzzword (membership magazine) and E-scientific newsletter 'Bombus Review' 3 times a year
  • Your support recognised on the Trust's social media
  • A direct link from our website to your business

Business £250

  • Members pack including:
  • Use of our member logo
  • Personalised annual certificate
  • E-Buzzword (membership magazine) and E-scientific newsletter 'Bombus Review' 3 times a year

Our current BusinessPlus members

Why not make us your ‘Charity of the Year’?

Whether you’re an employer or an employee inspired by what we do, we would love you to suggest us as your ‘Charity of the Year’ as part of your CSR aims.

Consumers have been found to be more likely to buy goods and services from businesses who engage with charities and their local communities, because social responsibility is increasingly important to them.

  • Increases visibility in the local community and improves public relations
  • Increases brand recognition and enhances the business’s reputation
  • Provides an opportunity to network and gives exposure to different sectors
  • Enhances employee morale and encourages collaboration
  • Increases revenue
  • Match Giving is tax deductible.

The plight of our native bumblebee species can provide the focus to encourage employees to spend time outdoors which has known benefits for health and well-being. You can email us at


Did you know you can promote your business and products to our ever-increasing membership? Through our dedicated on-line Member portal or our membership magazine 'Buzzword', distributed three times a year, there are a number of opportunities on offer for businesses to feature through advertisements.

For more details about advertising, sizes or rates in our member magazine and more, please email


As a registered charity, the most efficient form of financial support is a donation towards our work on an unrestricted basis. This enables us to use your donation where it is most needed and continue as an organisation without needing to deliver significant additional activity, staff time and resources to service the partnership itself.

Make a donation today!


Our Science and Conservation specialists offer bespoke advice and support that will help you improve your understanding of bumblebees and how to manage your land for the benefit of bumblebees.

For more details about consultancy, please send us an email.

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