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Associating your Company with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust provides the perfect platform to promote your commitment to the environment and conservation.

Our approach to partnerships is one of dialogue and creativity, we prefer to work with companies to make sure your individual environmental, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility goals are met. We will make sure that our values and approach to the environment are compatible.

Business membership

Becoming a business member of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust comes with a number of benefits to both your company and to your employees. See our options below:

BusinessPlus £750

  • Members pack including:
  • Use of our member logo
  • Personalised annual certificate
  • E-Buzzword (membership magazine) and E-scientific newsletter 'Bombus Review' 3 times a year
  • Your support recognised on the Trust's social media
  • A direct link from our website to your business

Business £250

  • Members pack including:
  • Use of our member logo
  • Personalised annual certificate
  • E-Buzzword (membership magazine) and E-scientific newsletter 'Bombus Review' 3 times a year

Our current BusinessPlus members

"Working in partnership with the Trust has helped us design bee-friendly developments that benefit pollinators and other wildlife as well as delivering beautiful, inspiring landscapes for residents to enjoy."
Nicola Johansen, Redrow Group Sustainability Manager


"I am so pleased my passion for bees and wildflowers enables me to combine both as a business! It’s great to be able to support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and contribute to their fantastic work to help the UK’s bumblebees.  We have many customers who are passionate about bees and through my business it gives me a nice warm glow to know that I am helping others to help the Trust by promoting their work for the bees."
Teresa Sinclair of Wildflower Favours, a Commercial Participator who donates a percentage of sales to the Trust.

Other ways your business can support us


Cause related marketing

Make a direct link for your customers through sales of your products or services and support for the Trust via a donation.

Becoming a commercial participator with the Trust will demonstrate your business' commitment to bumblebee conservation, while increasing brand awareness, income and strengthening your position as an environmentally responsible organisation.


As a registered charity, the most efficient form of financial support is a donation towards our work on an unrestricted basis. This enables us to use your donation where it is most needed and continue as an organisation without needing to deliver significant additional activity, staff time and resources to service the partnership itself.

Make a donation today!

£64 buys 400g of wildflower seeds to create 100m2 of wildlife habitats – about the size of a rugby pitch.

Why not make us your ‘Charity of the Year’?

2018 Charity of the Year at Dennis Publishing

"We were proud to support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in 2018. The Trust is made of up of passionate, hard working staff and volunteers who really care about the protection of our environment and wildlife habitats. It's been a true inspiration to us at Dennis Publishing to see all that the trust achieved in 2018 and we are looking forward to maintaining a close relationship with the Trust in the future and hearing about all of their fantastic projects."
Alex Kirby, Head of Programmatic and Audience Data


Our Science and Conservation specialists offer bespoke advice and support that will help you improve your understanding of bumblebees and how to manage your land for the benefit of bumblebees.

For more details about consultancy, please send us an email.

Buzzword 34 July 2017Advertising

Did you know you can promote your business and products to our ever-increasing membership?

Through our dedicated on-line Member portal or our membership magazine 'Buzzword', distributed three times a year, there are a number of opportunities on offer for businesses to feature through advertisements.

For more details about advertising, sizes or rates in our member magazine and more, please email

Sponsorship and employee engagement

There are a range of sponsorship opportunities at national & local level. Your employees have the opportunity to be engaged in our work and could include the following themes:

  • Practical conservation action
  • BeeWalk - Bumblebee monitoring and data collection on a national level
  • Events i.e. Annual conferences
  • Training and workshop delivery in bumblebee identification
  • Local and regional projects

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