Curriculum-linked resources for schools

We've produced a range of curriculum-linked resources for secondary school pupils to explore bumblebees in an engaging and inspirational way.

By learning more about bumblebees, habitat loss, and conservation, we want young people to embark on a personal journey to recognise what needs to be done to save bumblebees and understand why they are so vitally important to our world.

KS3 resources:

Plants and Ecosystems - Insect Pollination Lesson 

 Inheritance, Variation & Survival - Natural Selection and Survival Lesson

 Electricity and Magnetism - Static Electricity Lesson

Weather and ClimateFactors Affecting Climate Lesson

The 'Big BeeWalk Data' research project - overview

The Bumblebee Education Experience (B.E.E.) is a free, curriculum-linked, secondary education package offered through Pollinating the Peak, a Bumblebee Conservation Trust project with the aim of conserving bumblebees in the Peak District and Derbyshire.

The Bumblebee Education Experience is designed in two parts. Firstly, an assembly style show, which can be delivered to a whole year group or other large groups of students. Secondly, an hour long, classroom based workshop which can be delivered to groups of up to 30 students.

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