Olly Smith – Patron

Olly Smith is a multi award-winning broadcaster & wine expert, TV personality, author and columnist. He is the weekly drinks columnist for The Mail on Sunday, regular drinks expert on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen, presenter on BBC Radio 2 and host of his own drinks podcast ‘A Glass With’ featuring a dazzling array of celebrity guests.

A keen beekeeper himself, Olly is honoured to be a patron of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

“While beekeeping I’ve made friends with a fair number of honeybees over the years. I’m now thrilled to be getting to know our bumblebees better and look forward to sharing my adventures with the  Trust. I’m looking forward to getting started and warmly invite you to join in.”

Iolo Williams – Patron

Iolo Williams is a Welsh naturalist, broadcaster, public speaker and writer who’s worked in conservation for over 30 years and is most widely known as a popular member of the Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch presenting team.

As someone who is utterly dedicated to conservation, Iolo has used his knowledge and experience to address the Welsh Assembly and is patron of several Welsh conservation organisations. We are delighted Iolo is a patron of the Trust.



Kate Bradbury – Patron

Kate Bradbury is an award-winning author and journalist, specialising in wildlife gardening. She edits the wildlife pages of ‘Gardeners World Magazine’ and regularly writes articles for the ‘Daily and Sunday Telegraph’, ‘The Guardian’, ‘RHS magazine The Garden’ and ‘BBC Wildlife’ and ‘BBC Countryfile’ magazines.

Kate is passionate about organic, wildlife-friendly gardening and has recently released a new book ‘The bumblebee flies anyway’. Kate is delighted to be joining as a patron. In her own words ‘it’s a dream come true!’.



Emiel Durbal – Volunteer ambassador

Emiel Durbal is an 18 year old Graphic Design student from London who since a young age has embraced creativity and design with a passion for the natural world. Emiel already has an established client base both nationally and internationally.

Emiel has always been inspired by the natural world, spending hours foraging in the wilderness. Nature is the greatest designer, and always will be. The organic materials surrounding us include life-sustaining trees, plant life, rivers, streams and the open sky, all of which were perfectly designed to play an individual role in the eco-system. Emiel takes great pride and passion in conserving it and is proud to represent the Trust as a young volunteer ambassador to help raise awareness and inspire his generation to take action for these amazing creatures. Emiel has a growing Instagram following and uses this as a platform to reach wider audience and influence change through design.

Katrina Thuis – Volunteer ambassador

Katrina, known as Tree to us all, fell in love with bees relatively recently, despite her teaching degree specialising in Science in the Environment. In the last few years she has turned her industrial concrete balcony into a bee haven, and has made it her mission to help educate and encourage, through her entry-level bee blog www.hypnorum.com. After having joined the Trust herself, she then set about encouraging her employer to do the same. Tree volunteers for us on a project called Pollinating London Together, running the website and social media for the initiative. In addition to her personal social media campaign to promote the Trust and bumblebees and correct misinformation where she can, she is an admin of the Facebook group ‘Bumble Bee Conservation Enthusiasts’, which although is not directly affiliated with the Trust, shares many members and a vision of raising the profile of bumblebees and wanting to support them and educate. Tree is very much of the opinion that anyone can make a difference.

Tree admits she suffers from sometimes crippling social anxiety and that her determination to help bumblebees helps her push past it. Having bumped into Olly Smith in 2019, she says she took a deep breath and just awkwardly blurted out ‘bees!’ at him, thinking he could be a fantastic supporter of the Trust, and the rest they say, is history.

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