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Natur am Byth!

Natur am Byth! is Wales’ flagship conservation project, a partnership of nine environmental charities with Natural Resources Wales that will protect endangered species and reconnect the public with their natural heritage.

Close up facial shot of bumblebee on purple flower.
A field of purple wildflowers and four people standing together holding bumblebee nets.

Aydan Khan

We are proud to be a core partner in Natur am Byth, taking the lead in the conservation efforts for the Shrill carder bee (Bombus sylvarum)– the UK’s most threatened bumblebee.

The Shrill carder bee is now found in just a few small populations, including three critical sites in South Wales; in Pembrokeshire, The Gwent Levels, and Kenfig. Known for its distinctive high-pitched buzz, the Shrill carder bee is one of the smallest species of bumblebee, and has declined in recent decades due to the loss and fragmentation of vital flower rich habitats. The few remaining populations have become increasingly isolated from one another, and the Shrill carder bee is now vulnerable to inbreeding and loss of genetic diversity, increasing the risk of local extinction.

In collaboration with our project partners, we will work with landowners, delivering advice and training to ensure enduring, sustainable management practices. This will focus on changes to grazing and mowing regimes, creating larger, more interconnected areas of wildflower habitats.

But Natur am Byth! is about more than just conservation. One of our most critical goals is to ensure that people across Wales feel that they belong in, enjoy and care for nature. We will communicate with the public and communities, engaging new audiences across Wales with this rare species – and help increase the value that Welsh culture and language places on the natural world.

Bumblebee feeding on purple flower

Partners and collaborators

Natural Resources Wales, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, Bat Conservation Trust, Buglife, Butterfly Conservation, Plantlife, Marine Conservation Society, RSPB and Vincent Wildlife Trust.


Development phase funding received from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Additional cash match funding has been secured from Natural Resources Wales, plus support from the Welsh Government.

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An upland landscape with a sloping field of long grass and wildflowers. In the background are rolling green hills and and woodlands.

Further information

Read more about the Shrill carder bee distribution and lifecycle, and find out how you can provide habitat for this rare bumblebee.

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