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KS1 / 4-7 years

Resources designed to bring bumblebees into the KS1 / 4-7 national curriculum.

A close-up of an old Buff-tailed bumblebee feeding on a globe thistle. The bumblebee has bald patches in its fur and pale colouring.
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A close-up of a Buff-tailed bumblebee feeding mid-flight from a white flower. The wings are blurred due to the speed of their movement.

Flight of the bumblebee education pack

Get creative with four curriculum linked lessons for Art, Music, PE, and Literacy, all themed around ‘Flight of the bumblebee’ by Rimsky Korsakov


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A group of school children holding a certificate and standing in their bumblebee-friendly space at school.

Bumblebee Friendly Schools Award

Make your school a better place for bumblebees

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A Red-tailed bumblebee queen feeding on small purple flowers.

KS2 resources

For students aged 7 – 11

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A close-up of a Buff-tailed bumblebee dusted in pollen and standing on the purple petals of a flower.

KS3 resources

For students aged 11-14