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KS3 / 11 – 14 years

Resources designed to bring bumblebees into the KS3 /11-14 national curriculum

A close-up of a Buff-tailed bumblebee dusted in pollen and standing on the purple petals of a flower.
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A White-tailed bumblebee preparing to land on white willow catkins.

Plants and ecosystems – Insect pollination

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A close-up of a Common carder bumblebee flying towards the purple flowers of borage.

Inheritance, variation, and survival – Natural selection and survival

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A Southern cuckoo bumblebee feeding on a pink flower.

Electricity and magnetism – Static electricity

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A close-up of knapweed with a coastal backdrop.

Weather and climate – Factors affecting climate

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A close-up of a Common carder bumblebee feeding on a flower.

Influencing the environment – Nitrogen cycle and human effect

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A machair with colourful wildflowers.

Practical fieldwork – Habitat classification and vegetation survey


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A group of school children holding a certificate and standing in their bumblebee-friendly space at school.

Bumblebee Friendly Schools Award

Make your school a better place for bumblebees

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A close-up of an old Buff-tailed bumblebee feeding on a globe thistle. The bumblebee has bald patches in its fur and pale colouring.

KS1 resources

For students aged 4 – 7

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A Red-tailed bumblebee queen feeding on small purple flowers.

KS2 resources

For students aged 7-11